Screenplay Competition

Listen to a script read aloud. Choose a winner. See the final film next year!

Sat., October 15 @ 7:00pm
Mount Vernon United Methodist Church
900 Massachusetts Avenue NW
Washington DC 20001

(Gallery Place Metro)

We are very proud to present our fifth Screenplay Competition. Watch six scripts read live by actors and the screenwriter! At the end of the show, vote for your favorite script. The winner will receive $1000, plus another $1,000 when the film is completed. Plus, you can see the final movie at DC Shorts 2012! This is a unique competition — no one presents scripts in this way.

Mirror Image
An over-worked young professional on the verge of a promotion is forced to confront his life choices when his mirror image refuses to go to work.
Joel David Santner, Washington, DC

A young girl prone to flights of fancy, deals with the perils of young love – but not without the guidance of some spirited companions.
Matthew Ogosi, Toronto, Ontario

A pirate crew, fearing their captain has slipped into alcoholism, conduct an intervention.
Adam Perkins, Stevensville, PA

The Loop
Two scientists successfully test a time machine, but are they prepared for the implications of time travel?
Matthew Himlin, Scottsdale, VA

The Soil and the Taste of the Grape
It is said that you can’t go home again. But, as a successful young investment banker discovers, it may also be true that you can never really leave.
Richard Herstek, Washington, DC

The DC Shorts Screenwriting Competition is part of the larger ScriptDC (October 14–16) — a multi-day series of classes, competitions, roundtables and networking opportunities for screenwriters of every skill level. Presented by the region’s most respected film and video organizations, this unique weekend combines the best of each group’s programming skills, ensuring that all participants gain the skills and knowledge to take their writing to the next level.